Facial Reflexology


Facial Reflexology works by stimulating  various reflex points on the face in a very precise way to produce a reaction in the corresponding area or organ - and the effects can be remarkable. Common conditions like sinusitis, nasal congestion, tinnitus and tension headaches may all be relieved by this method.

Just as in the case of foot reflexology, every part of the body including glands and internal organs, is represented by a reflex point on the face, but because of the proximity of the points to the brain and the sensitivity of the facial skin, the treatment can be extremely powerful and the effects can be felt immediately,

 And an added bonus is a softening of fine lines and glowing skin!


Reflexology may help to alleviate many conditions. People who have regular facial treatments report benefits such as, among others:

• Relief from sinus conditions

• Lessening or even cessation of tooth grinding

• Fewer tension headaches

• Pain relief

• Relaxation and reduced anxiety

• Improved sleeping patterns

• Improved skin tone and texture, including relaxing of fine lines 

Facial reflexology map
Facial reflexology map